Avram Grant is unlikely to get more protection than normal on his visit to Egypt.

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Grant belongs to Israel and Israel and Egypt have been the fierce enemies of each other over the years and they still are.

The enmity is actually so fierce between these two countries that it’s not advisable for the citizens of one country to travel to the other as if you are identified as an Egypt native in Israel or as an Israel native in Egypt, you will be in danger.

With Grant, it’s not a matter of getting identified as he is a celebrity and nobody is unaware of his nationality and regardless of the fact that he will be a part of Ghana camp on this occasion, he still remains an Israeli originally and the Egyptians will see him as an Israeli and not as someone who is in charge of the Ghanaian team.

There have already been warnings from the Egyptians that if Grant puts his foot on their soil, he will have to cope with harassment and that too with some serious harassment.

The Ghana Federation, being the employer of Grant, is obviously worried about the situation that might develop on the tour and the authorities from there are hence believed to have demanded to their counterparts in the Egypt Federation for Grant to be given more protection than the players, assistant coaches and anyone else in the Ghana camp, but, no promises have yet been made from the other side.

As per the CEO of Egypt Federation, whenever a team tours Egypt, all the members of the touring party get the same type of protection and no particular type of protection is ever arranged for any individual and it will not be any different this time.