Ghanaian football icon Michael Essien has hailed the world's first malaria vaccine which could prevent thousands of deaths especially amongst children.

Several years before he became a known name on the Premier League scene, Michael Essien was a barefoot kid in Ghana who scored regularly against goalkeepers with goalposts made of stacked rocks. Like what was obtainable with other children in the world at the time, a young Michael Essien suffered from malaria several times.
Essien said that he's still alive and kicking after surviving malaria as a child, but he knows that 260,000 African kids are not as lucky. To this effect, the malaria vaccine is a blessing to the continent and Michael Essien shares the same opinion. According to him, the impending rollout of a new vaccine is a very good thing for Africa.

Michael Essien lost count of the times he had malaria as a child but the Ghanaian was certain that he had it several times. He went on to say that when malaria strikes, you get through if you're lucky and it gets worse if you're not lucky.

Former Chelsea, Lyon and Real Madrid starEssien learnt about the new rollout of malaria vaccine through a relative via an email. He was told that the first malaria vaccine would soon be administered to children on the African continent. His response to the news of the malaria vaccine was one of relief and excitement. The ex-Chelsea midfielder stated that there's now a vaccine against malaria whom he called a very bad disease. The Ghanaian football star went on to advise the general public to embrace the new malaria vaccine. The footballer recently turned manager stated that he would like to call on his friends to take the new malaria vaccine in a bid to protect the younger ones. Michael Essien said that he's looking forward to seeing a lot of children grow healthy for them to have a good education and a good life.