Michael Essien at risk of getting imprisoned

Michael Essien is a vastly experienced footballer who has made his way through a number of clubs including: Lyon, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Milan just to name a few of the more renowned teams.

The latest club that the 34 year old Ghanaian midfielder joined was Persib Bandung as Michael Essien penned a 1 yearlong contract with Persib Bandung on March 13 of 2017.

It seems that this transfer was rushed as it has been discovered that Michael Essien actually did not have work permit to perform in his new club as well as a few other documents that are needed in order to official complete a move to a different team and perform with them in competitive game.

Persib Bandung admitted in saying that Michael Essien along does not have his work permit ready but that they were given permissions by the respective authorities that are needed for him to play.

“That they are here is a joy for us, they want to rise up Indonesia’s name in the world. Everybody knows that Essien is a world-class player, not an illegal immigrant.” The manager of Persib Bandung, UmuhMuchtar said as he responded to recent accusations of Essien being an immigrant and not an actual player.

Indonesia has very strict laws when it comes to flouting immigration and work permit which could possibly see Michael Essien having to pay around $38,000 and maybe even earning a prison sentence of up to 5 years.

Michael Essien along with Carlton Cole have recently been banned from performing in PersibPandung until their work permits are completed and showed to the appropriate football authorities.

MauliaPurnamawait is the chief of immigration in Bandung and he said: "Today we gave a strong warning to Persib in the form of a letter saying that as long as Persib had not completed the permits, which should be issued by the manpower ministry, we are banning Essien and Cole from playing,"