Mourinho: Defending Championship will be Tough

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Chelsea won this season of the Premier League in a very dominating fashion as Jose Mourinho and his team was crowned as the champions of England with 3 matches still remaining. The Blues lost just 3 league matches in the entire season and it’s widely agreed that they truly deserve to be called as the best team in England after such a strong campaign.

Despite having gone through such an impressive season, Jose Mourinho believes that the upcoming season will be much more difficult and it’s not going to be easy for them to defend the Premier League title.

Mourinho at Chelsea

Jose Mourinho said: "We have to be better if we want to be successful again. The other opponents are not going to accept this without a fight. Next year will be more difficult, but because it's difficult is one of the reasons why I came back to England. I will enjoy it again."

There is a list of possible players that could be signed by Chelsea during this approaching summer transfer window and these targets include: Raheem Sterling, Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba and Raphael Varane. These just a few of the players that have been linked with Chelsea and can turn into potential signings for the Premier League club.

The future of Raheem Sterling still seems uncertain as the Liverpool player continues rejecting contract offers that have been made to him. Real Madrid’s Raphael Varane is one of the most promising young figures in the world of football and it’s highly unlikely that Real Madrid will allow one of their young stars to leave as he still has his entire career lying ahead.

Mourinho will be watching the Champion's League Final with interest, with Paul Pogba widely tipped to be the man of the match (according to the latest Champions League final betting) and known to be interesting Chelsea.

Paul Pogba is being chased by a number of different clubs including: Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid and PSG but the French player has already expressed his desire to make a move to either Barcelona or Real Madrid.

The only reason that Pogba would leave Juventus is if he can join one of those top Spanish clubs, from the looks of it, signing Pogba will be a battle solely between Madrid and Barcelona.