Olympiakos close defeat Against Juventus

Olympiakos suffered a close defeat in the European Cup game against Juventus.

They were ahead by 2-1 in that game, but, then some misfortune and also some defensive blunders caused them to concede a couple of goals within 60 seconds and the recovery did not happen from there.

It was Olympiakos second defeat in 4 games. However, they are still holding the no. 2 spot in the Group ‘A’ table.

Ahead of Olympiakos is the previous season’s runner up Atletico Madrid. They are three points clear at the top.

The 4th team in the group i.e. Malmo FF is almost out of the qualification race as they only have 3 points. Their goal differential is not that encouraging either. It’s -7 which means even if they win their last two games and get to 9 points, they still would find it hard to make it through.

As far as Olympiakos is concerned, out of the two matches that they have to play, one is against Atletico, while, the other one is against Malmo.

Atletico is definitely going to prove to be very tough, but, Malmo should not trouble the Greek side that much.

Olympiakos, however, needs to improve their goal differential. Juventus’ goal differential is better than that of them. So, they will have to try and win their game against Malmo by a big margin. They would not want to be in a situation where they get knocked out because of worse goal differential.

So far Olympiakos has shaken the net of the opposition 6 times, while, their own net has been shaken 7 times.

In the case of Juventus, which plays the Italian top division, the no. of goals scored and the no. of goals conceded are 5 and 4 respectively.